Love Help: The Best Ways to Restart Fire in Your Bed

Love Help: The Best Ways to Restart Fire in Your Bed

* Introduce erotic reading, online or off: Try and select stories that feature different types of toys. Get your partner to read them out loud to you.

Sex addiction is not an impersonal addiction like alcohol, pot, tobacco, or hard drugs. It is "The Most Personal Addiction." The sexually addicted person struggling with any of the forms of sexual addiction including compulsive masturbation, pornography addiction, promiscuity, infidelity, voyeurism, etc. has created an emotional attachment to his addiction. For the purpose of long-term success, before the addiction can be overcome, the personal attachment must be overcome first. If it is not, the sex addict will crave sexual addiction like an abandoned lover longing for the greatest passion of his life.

Generally women reach orgasm most easily through clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is extremely sensitive to touch of all kinds. Often the head of the clitoris, the pointed tip, is too sensitive for much direct pressure, so focus your attention on the sides. Touch around the clitoris instead of right on it, at least until her level of excitement increases. The skin tissue of your fingers is not nearly as sensitive as the tissue around her clitoris. But the tissue of your mouth and tongue is an almost perfect match in sensitivity. Unless you are more highly skilled in using your fingers, it is a much safer way to start by using your mouth for oral stimulation of the clitoris. Experiment with different pressures, strokes and speeds. Ask her which ones she likes best. A good way to do this is to try two different touches, then ask her if she likes "a" or "b" better.

1.Mutual consent for everything is mandatory. If you do not both enjoy it, what is the point? Remember, we are not using each other, we are loving each other. It is certainly all right for one partner to try things because the other person likes it even if they don’t, but this is a gift freely given and cannot be required.

There are many women who carry the dildos along with them. These help them to enjoy an orgasm or two in absence of her male partner. The feeling is so refreshing and this kind of pleasure is not given by a man. She can also experiment newer ways of gratifying herself which may not be possible with her partner. The orgasm provided by the cheap dildos is also different from the one given by her partner. Doctors have also discovered that self-pleasure is extremely beneficial for one's health and improve the condition of her sex life. A woman can use a dildo in a straight or lesbian relationship.